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9/19/16: Attention all celebrities, athletes and those who consider themselves either one: We don't care what your politics are. In fact, whatever it is you are espousing, we are diametrically in opposition with. So, shut up. No one of any substance, is listening.

3/5/15: Reality shows are a blight, no a plague, on the already diseased landscape of television. It is time that the collective consciousness of humanity demands that our society rid itself of this sickness. In other words, stop watching that trash!  

Enough said.


Enough with the politically correct poop! If you are celebrating December 25th as a holy day, than let the world know:

Say "Merry Christmas"!


Okay, it's about time someone said it. Here goes:     

Real men don't wear earrings. 

You do understand you're not a pirate, right? And, that WOMEN wear them, right? So, stop getting one (or both) pierced, period. Don't believe me when I say you look stupid? Pull out an old photo of your Mom when she's all dressed up...see those two earrings? Want to look like her more than your DNA compels?  

Unless you're sporting an eye patch, carrying a parrot on your shoulder and say "Aargh" with every other breath, you are hereby put on notice. Most women, although they're too afraid to admit it, can't kiss a guy with a fake diamond in his ear without laughing. 

 It's that funny.

So go, man up...and unpierce. You'll thank me when you mature.


Is it at all possible, that the historical theatrics which personify NASCAR, have been anything but that? For officials to state that "shenanigans" will no longer be tolerated, is belly-bustingly laughable. It's their bread and butter! Why would anyone attend a NASCAR race, if not to see a bit of gasoline-fueled brawling?


When dining out, it is only necessary to converse with those individuals actually physically present. If you absolutely must discourse with a disembodied electronic soul, kindly remove yourself from the universe surrounding you. 

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